Interested in a First Dance Mix?

How To Get Your Maui Wedding DJ First Dance Mix

If you’re ready to put on a show (even a little one), try having me make a mix for your first dance, bridal party entrance, or bridesmaids dance! Here’s how it works:

  • Send me a list of songs you’d like to use. It can be just a few, or as many as ten.  You can also include the timed portions of the songs you specifically want.
  • I mix the songs within my music production software.  I make sure transitions are pleasant sounding, purposeful, and easy to anticipate. I use high quality samples and effects.
  • I send the recorded mp3 mix back to you within a week.
  • You coordinate an easy dance to the mix.
  • At your reception, you blow your guests away with a fun surprise!
  • I am not always available to create these mixes as they take time and my full wedding service clients are my main priority. When I am available, I charge a $50/hour rate. The total price for the mix mostly depends on how many songs and the style of mixing. Please contact me!