The Catered Coconut Catering Service

I have a soft spot for vendors on Maui offering a unique service, especially when it can tie up with music nicely! Michael and Caytie of The Catered Coconut harvest organic fresh coconuts, chill them, and then serve them with a bamboo straw at private events, including weddings. I’ve been impressed with their professionalism and passion for their coconut service. Coconuts set the right vibe for a wedding. In my experience, if your guests are drinking alcohol after your 4pm ceremony, then by the time your dance party starts, they’ve been drinking a lot of alcohol. Coconut water offers a great, energy providing, healthy, and fun alternative. The Catered Coconut adds the perfect vibe to any cocktail hour and will surely please your guests.

Your photos will be better too! (Photos by Maui MakaAnna Kim

Maui Coconut Service