New Website Features

Having a good website for my clients and coordinators to use easily and effectively is essential to me. I’ve listed some of the awesome new features of my recent website update here:

  • Online planning system:
    • I had been using a online planning system designed for mobile deejays called DJ Intelligence. Many DJs use such a service for their website. The problems with such services are: they are written for continental US mobile deejays, they are not customizable or personalized,  are not easily mobile accessible, have long load times, makes you search for a song and add it to your request list instead of just typing it in, may sell your information, often require you to leave the DJ’s website, and generally look like sites built 5 years ago.
    • My new online planning system:
      • Keeps your main forms easily accessible from one location (Ceremony, Reception, Timelines, Music Requests).
      • Uses Google Docs which most people are already familiar with, is mobile accessible, easily shareable, allows for easy printing, and much more.
      • The Planning Forms are personally customized to your unique event. We can easily communicate in-depth, Maui-specific questions and answers so there are far less of all those detailed questions on your big day – reducing your stress and ensuring my ability to take care of other important things.
  • New “Dress Your Deejay” planning feature. Your deejay’s attire is important and I’ve always thought this would be a fun page. Turns out my brides LOVE it!  I’m still laughing…
  • Nicer blog
  • New logo
  • New layered slider
  • Nicer, more complete package details