Below is my pricing for all private clients, hotels, and event coordinators. Please let me know if you have any questions about pricing or would like to request a quote to be emailed to you. Thank you!

$700 Full Package: 1 hr of ceremony audio service. Setup, strike, and tax included.

Package includes:
+ Bose compact speaker system
+ Shure wireless lavalier (lapel) or handheld mic – for the minister/officiant
+ Shure wireless lavalier (lapel) mic – for the groom
+ Shure wireless handheld mic and straight, church-style stand for any readers
+ Wind-noise screens for all mics
+ Customized song list with prelude and postlude music
+ Online timeline and planning form
+ Appropriately-dressed sound technician Liam Grist
+ Additional lapel mics available
+ Ceremony musicians can plug in to my 8 channel mixer with their own cables.
+ Videographers can easily plug into my mixer with a 1/4 inch cable, XLR, or RCA cable to grab the audio feed. I can also do an HD recording of the audio of the ceremony and send it to you and/or your videographers for $100 fee.
+ Setup, breakdown, & tax included.

$2100 base price (3 hrs of reception entertainment). Setup, strike, and tax included.
$300 per each additional hour of scheduled reception entertainment
$400/hr unscheduled overtime
50% deposit due with contract to complete booking

Package includes:

+ DJ & MC Liam Grist for requested portions of the night (cocktail, dinner, and dance).
+ 2x Bose speaker system with x2 subwoofers.
+ White or black scrim cover over DJ stand with a clear, thick, glass table top.
+ Two Shure wireless handheld mics. Additional wireless mics available.
+ Appropriate, customized dance area lighting (see options), with wireless decor/uplighting.
+ Appropriate, clear, & concise announcements and introductions as your emcee
+ Onsite song request clipboard
+ Customized song request list, DJ timeline, and DJ planning form online.
+ Unlimited consultations with Liam via video, phone call, or meeting.
+ Setup, strike, and tax is included.

Other Events take place outside of wedding venues or venues that cater to weddings. These events include birthdays at a house, parties at a bar/club, or a float boat in a parade.

$$$ base price (2 hrs of entertainment). Setup, strike, and tax included.
$$ per each additional hour of entertainment
50% deposit due with contract to complete booking

+ DJ & MC Liam Grist for requested portions of the night.
+ Bose speaker system with subwoofers
+ DJ Table or DJ stand
+ Shure wireless handheld mic
+ Appropriate, customized dance area lighting (see options), with wireless decor/uplighting, wireless club truss lighting, and more. See Lighting Packages below.
+ Setup, strike, and tax is included. – Classy, Modern, Fun!

Package Pricing: $3000 for 2 hours. $500 per each additional hour. Pricing includes setup, strike, and tax.

+ DJ & Karaoke Host Liam Grist & Assistant
+ Great for rehearsal dinners, family nights, corporate parties, and much more!
+ Seamlessly transition between cocktail music, dance party music, and karaoke videos.
+ I play high-quality karaoke videos for karaoke requests. For dancing interludes, I play dance music with audio-reactive video graphics –  moving to the beat. The fun never stops!
+ Bright, short-throw, HD projector
+ 7.5 ft projection screen or 8.5 ft outdoor projection screen
+ HD video monitor for singers
+ 3 wireless handheld mics
+ More than 20,000 Karaoke videos to instantly choose from multiple song books. Language specific karaoke collections also available.
+ Onsite downloading available (requires wireless internet connection)
+ Bose Speaker System for up to 150 people
+ DJ table
+ Appropriate dance area lighting (customizable)


+ Wireless iPad monitor on mic stand available for extra cost (requires wireless internet connection and venue pre-visit)

+ Games available

+ Extra wireless mics available

+ Language specific karaoke collections available

+ Travel Fee:  A non-variable fee which is charged to the client upon booking, and helps offset my total travel costs incurred.


+ Bright, HD, short-throw projector
+ 84 inch 16:9 format front or rear projection screen
+ Remote control operation
+ Professional operator. I take the time to make sure your presentation is prepared before your event, accounted for, and displayed ideally.
+ Setup, breakdown, tax included.

+ Slideshow production available. Please ask for demo slideshow videos and more info.

For more info on setup and requirements of my Projection Package, click here.

$150 Simple audio system for separate cocktail/lounge area.

+ 1 speaker
+ 1 Mixer for an iPod or instrument.
*Does not include additional time for DJ & MC services.

Wedding Deejay Setupprofessional, modern, clean.

+ $100 Audio Recording of the Reception Music with CD mailed or mp3 file emailed to you.

+ $100 Audio Recording of the Ceremony, Toasts, and more with CD mailed or mp3 file emailed to you.

+ Lighting Package #1 ($100) – One T-bar truss with two “club” lights (Aggressor Tri LED) creating color pattern strobe and moving effects.  See video.

+ Lighting Package #2 ($150) – Two “moving head” lights. See video.

+ Lighting Package #3 ($150) – Two lighting stands with two large “club” lights. See video.

+ Lighting Package #4 ($500) – Multiple “Club” lights and “moving heads” on a over-hanging truss system programed to your event. See video.

+ Black lighting (neon glow party lighting) $100 for 6 bulbs.

+ Disco ball $50 – Includes setup on ceiling or lighting truss and color spot lighting (to create “disco” effect)

+ 1 Powerful “Burning Man” laser ($100) 

+ Fog machine for lighting effects ($50)

+ Wireless Uplighting – 4 lights are included with the Reception Package. Light & color anything, anywhere for up to 6 hrs wirelessly. Color options. Sound-activated lighting.  See Video.

+ Extra Wireless Uplighting – $50/light packages with color options. Sound-activated lighting.

+ $350 Custom Gobo Monogram – See example here. Ask for more details.
+ $50/hr ($200) Customized Projected Video Graphic MonogramWatch 4th example video here. Ask for more details.

+ (Free) Additional Wireless handheld or lavalier (lapel) microphone (Please ask so that I know to bring).
+ $100 Additional 18 inch Subwoofer
+ Speaker System (Please inquire).

Holiday Fee:  $200-$500

Early Setup: $50/hour. Only needed if I need to be fully set up more than 1 hour before services.