Wedding Set Demo

Enjoy my wedding set demo of Scott and Sarah’s wedding!

MP3 DOWNLOAD: First Half (SET A) | Second Half (SET B)

  • Scott and Sarah were a great couple to work with. They got quite a few friends to help with the collaborative, Google Doc song list. They wanted plenty of wedding classics,  top 40, and quite a few of their own favorites including Miike Snow’s “Animal”, Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days are Over”, and some David Guetta.
  • They also had a diverse crowd of old and young who all wanted to dance.  I was so glad to see such a mix of people on the dance floor the entire night.  It’s so important to give the crowd enough slow-dance, traditional hawaiian, waltz, and swing sections so some people get a more intimate and/or comfortable dance while others can get a break for drinks. It also helps when these songs and more upbeat songs are mixed together well. When mixing, I consider not only the content and tempo of songs, but also the song key. This makes for seamless, pleasant-sounding and energetic transitions.
  • My mic sounded loud and clear throughout the night. However, I did not mix the volume correctly in the recorded track so it sounds very quiet.
  • I give the recorded reception – including toasts and music, to the bride and groom after their wedding day.
  • Mahalo for listening!